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GR11 - The YOU Tree

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As we plant the seeds of a tree we prepare it, plant it, water it and then trust the earth and the sun and the rain will encourage it to reach to the light. In its life it will face challenges, and be the home and resting place for countless creatures, not only in branches but it its shade.

The YOU Tree is about likening Ideas and options of choice as seeds, starting out in our mind. They too will face challenges, many will fade, others will push through, and provide support for you and other in life and through life. Imagine!

Hypnotherapy Recording: Contains imagery descriptions and suggestions.

Approx running time 17:41

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Disclaimer: Like all hypnosis recordings, it is not suitable for those with epilepsy. Use only in a safe environment. This recording should not be used by those with any emotional illness or disease, or personality disorder. User takes responsibility for all outcomes, results may vary. If in doubt speak to your medical professional before using.