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GR10 - Sphere of Influence

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In this place of quiet, the balance and harmony grows, and as it does you begin to allow those feelings to become ever more a part of you, to such a level that you can imagine them growing and expanding to such a point that they expand beyond your physical body.

These feelings of harmony and balance not only at the deepest part of you, but moving out beyond your physical self, surrounding you with calmness, confidence, well-being and so much more.

Feelings of being unburdened are enjoyed; growing feelings of well-being touch every part of you. In addition your mind is relaxed and peaceful as this growing internal positive change, anchored in, at the deepest part of you radiates out from you, in all directions.

Hypnotherapy Recording: Approx running time 16:52

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Disclaimer: Like all hypnosis recordings, it is not suitable for those with epilepsy. Use only in a safe environment. This recording should not be used by those with any emotional illness or disease, or personality disorder. User takes responsibility for all outcomes, results may vary. If in doubt speak to your medical professional before using.