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NS01 - Stream and Birds

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Stepping out of the door one sunny morning in the summer of 2018, our senses were hit with the sound of the birds singing and the trickle of the stream not far away. 

We were both so taken back, that we decided to do a recording of that sunny, quiet, lazy morning.

So for 18 minutes or so, put on your headphones, and listen to the array of birds singing, the occasional gust in the light breeze, and even a very faint jet in the distance - wherever that was going.   

In the distance you may also pick up the cries of peacocks, and occasional pheasant. 

We hope this recording helps you to imagine that still sunny morning, being by the gently babbling stream, and surrounding yourself with the orchestra of noise from our common garden friends.  And all this, under the bluest of skies, absent from even the faintest cloud. 

Bye for now!