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About Us

Cathryn & Michael Mahoney 

Teachers, Healers, Peaceful Warriors!

'Facilitating change and growth for Wisdom Seekers'

We met in 1991, early on in our training as Hypnotherapists, whilst on our individual paths of spiritual and personal growth; with a desire to help others to overcome their personal problems and achieve fulfillment and joy in their lives.  At our first meeting we knew intuitively that we had known each other before, that we already had history between us. Unfortunately, at that time we had to go our separate ways, and didn't finally become a couple until 2010, and were married on 29 September 2017.  

We aim to share with you the highs and lows of our individual and joint stories, with the ultimate aim of supporting and guiding you on your own journey of spiritual and personal growth.  

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Cathryn Mahoney 

Michael Mahoney