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Our Journey

'Our Journey' – Adventures & Discoveries

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 A Love Story

Our Story - Meeting the Tribe

1st American Trip Journal

History of the Peaceful Warriors

A Calling

Once you have read the stories and information above you will have some understanding of 'Our Journey'.

You can now download a range of stories on PDF or MP3 format, some of which are factual and others are creative stories based on actual events during our travels in the UK and USA.

 As you gain a greater understanding of 'Our Journey' together it will become more apparent that each adventure is part of our path of self discovery, renewing our knowing of who we are; and each walk on our journey has provided us with feelings of familiarity, resurfacing memories, gifts, and challenges, to enable us to become whole and complete, merging more and more with our essence, our spirit and our soul!

 Each adventure describes some of these gifts and challenges, which we have found along the way, as well as memories of previous times; all the while being accompanied by our tribe, our guides, and nature, bird and animal spirits, angels and other divine beings.

 Welcome to our journey of discovery on our series of adventures - we hope you enjoy reading the stories and listening to the audio recordings whilst joining us on our path! 

Much love,

Cathryn & Michael

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