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Knowing your Purpose in Life!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The most common question we often get asked, is 'how do I know what my real purpose in life is? The answer is something only you can truly find for yourself, but we can definitely suggest ways to discover it!

You are lucky, as you are undoubtedly not alone, in fact, there are thousands if not millions of people around the world asking the same question.

We are living within a spiritual and social revolution, in fact more and more of us are waking up each day to the realization that we are so much more than a physical body living a 3 dimensional life.  Our senses consist of more than the 5 main senses, people are more actively using the 6th and 7th senses of intuition and higher consciousness.  We are now questioning things that once we accepted to be true, and are no longer willing to be controlled by outside forces and institutions, but are able to find our own truth and connect with others who we resonate with on a similar vibrational frequency. Simply put, this means as we become more self aware, we become more aware of our environment and community and then global issues.  As we connect more with the causes and beliefs that touch our hearts, then our hearts open more and we connect then more openly and honestly with those around us.  We then attract the right people and situations into our lives. 

So, our suggestion to you, in order to discover your true purpose in life, is to do the things you enjoy, be around the people who touch your heart, give to others and be a graceful receiver; become involved in a cause or follow a path you believe in and know to be true, following your heart or your gut instinct.  

In addition, release yourself from self limiting thoughts and belief systems imposed on you by others or society, you will know what they are.  Find healthy ways to let go of past issues and traumas through self healing methods or finding a reputable counsellor or therapist, or join a self help group. 

Lastly, know you have a right to talk about your problems and release pent up feelings in a safe place and with a trusted person. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE YOU! It may help you to listen to the Desiderata Poem, it has certainly helped me over the years.  

If you would like any further guidance or support you can comment on this blog or send us a private message.

As an end-note think on this:  As humans living in the modern world we are more easily able to open ourselves up to the mysteries that surround us and also to explore the mysteries within us.  Many people are moving away from mostly thinking logically to now thinking outside the boxes of the norm and tuning into their feelings and senses of what feels right.  Whether you know it or not, we are paving the way for future generations of intuits and sensitives, who are able to activate the brain neurons within the heart and gut to jump start the messages in the brain, almost like updating a computer, as gradually we are accessing information and wisdom from our ancestors which is energetically available to us from within the cosmic web, thus our spiritual evolution is speeding up. 

Perhaps you have now begun to know your Purpose - as a conduit for change, growth and assisting in the evolution of the human race!


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