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Your Chosen Path

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Where in life do you currently find yourself? Is it by accident or design, that your life has been this way? Has it been full of ups and downs, or mainly one or the other? Do you believe luck or chance has had a large part to play, or have you always believed you have kept control of your own destiny? There are so many beliefs about what influences the course of one’s path in life, but what if it has all been planned out before you take your first breath on earth, and what if we have co-created our own destiny. How would that notion affect your view of your life right now? If all is going well for you perhaps it will feel good however, if life is difficult you may feel worse, especially if you are told you had agreed to live the life you have now, even if you knew you had chosen traumatic experiences to assist your soul in its evolution. What if your next incarnation was as an angel rather than a human being, would you feel happier then? Perhaps you can feel more proactive in making the most appropriate life choices, and to turn the corner of the book about your life story much quicker and easier, if you understand the bigger picture of living an earth bound life. Awakening spiritually can open your eyes to those things you once didn't see, or have any understanding about. Learning new knowledge, being open to new information brings empowerment and movement in life, and change for the better is always something to work towards for a happier and more fulfilled life.


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