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Why are Europeans increasingly finding an affinity with Native American tribes and their culture?

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Perhaps more and more of us are becoming aware of the ancient teaching passed down from tribal ancestors, not only within Native American tribes but also European, Asian and African tribes, and we are now becoming more open spiritually to the teachings which have been passed down and reinforced throughout the generations.  We particularly look to the Native American traditions and practices with their legendary stories and myths as there is becoming more proof through their teachings and prophecies, which have so many similarities between tribes, and by studying native art and rock petroglyphs, that they have recorded their interactions with 'star people' and influences from the stars and planets, which draw people towards a deeper connection with Mother Earth and the Creator of all that is! 

We are looking for meaning in our lives and can find that within ceremonies and a sense of belonging and connection this can bring.  People are also becoming more aware of the power of sound through drumming, chanting etc and also the power of movement and dance, in helping to raise consciousness among people and the planet.  This brings us the peace, harmony and unity we are looking for, and has always been decreed for us by the Creator, and has been taught by the Great Peacemaker and others in his wake.  Shamanic practices are growing in popularity and are paving the way for individuals, groups and communities to become united in Peace. 


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