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What is a Light Being?

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

There are many interpretations of what constitutes a Light Being, from Spirit Guides to Aliens.  The following article hints that our consciousness is directly linked to light, so does that make us all light beings?

As with most things of a spiritual nature, there is so little we know, understand or can even comprehend. There are many schools of thought, mystics and spiritual practices, and everything is subjective depending on the reliability of the source where they receive their information.  There are many false prophets, misinterpreted information and egocentric practices which lead many people down the wrong path.  It is important for people to find their own truth within a world where we seek proof but which can often be misleading.  

As a human race we are carbon based, whereas when we leave our bodies our consciousness lives on within other dimensions.  Everything is energy, and there are different forms of energy, such as electro-magnetic, sonic and gravitational, which assist us in becoming more enlightened spiritually. Our energy centres consist of rainbow colours of light, and people report seeing white light around those who have achieved higher states of consciousness. 

Many people see orbs of light and outlines of light beings or angels when they give or receive healing. However, as we leave the 3D reality of this world and travel within other dimensions then other energetic principles come into play.  We equate spirit with light, although some people see dark forms, shadows etc when connecting to loved ones who have passed over or spirit guides.  If there is no carbon based body then what is there? If people pass to the light then does that quality of light vary depending on their spiritual evolution i.e. the 'other' realm of existence which they reach. 

If they are then working within the light as spirit guides, helpers or angels, then are they light beings? 

We then come to other alien races from other planets which many call 'star-seeds', such as those from Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion Galaxies.  They are still classed as physical beings but are formed from light or some are silicone based rather than carbon based like us.  Were they once like us, but over time have shed their carbon bodies and moved fully into their light bodies, as we hope to do when we become enlightened and move into our astral bodies, so that eventually we do not have to die and reincarnate, but live on as a new 'light being', and some say on a 'new earth' or within other realms of existence, or even on other planets?  

There is a lot to consider here, and it is down to you to find your own truth.  This is something we will explore in more depth as time goes on, and as our own journey continues.  



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