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Weird or What?

Posted by Michael Mahoney on

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, weird is defined as - of strange or extraordinary character: odd, fantastic.
On this site you will read about or listen to many stories such as: ancient wisdom and the standing stones, special gifts, the Sexhow worm, our journey - meeting the tribe for the first time, and so much more.
Once upon a time the things we now share with our readers did indeed seem strange, but we totally accept them now. Extraordinary yes they are, many things initially take us aback but we believe what we see with our own eyes, and what we are told, which more often than not is clarified when researched. Things often seem odd certainly, but not as odd as we used to think, and that leaves us with ‘fantastic’. Yes, our experiences are absolutely fantastic. Our lives would not be complete without these occurrences now.
Before matches were invented or became commonly used, the idea of starting a fire so easily would have appeared – weird, strange, extraordinary, odd or fantastic.
Telephones, Tv’s, Computers etc, before they were common place would have once been considered weird. In fact all the things we take for granted in our digital age would be defined as weird, strange, odd or fantastic, only several generations ago.
So whatever label we place on what is still deemed strange or extraordinary, will one day most likely be seen as normal. Science doesn’t have all the answers, in fact Johnny Nash the 70’s singer, sang about having more questions than answers – and went on to sing, the more I find out the less I know.
Tree huggers used to be the butt of many a joke, but science shows us being in nature is good for our health. All things in creation have their own vibrational frequencies, so whether it is benefiting from hugging a tree, walking a nature trail, or grounding yourself; all these things are accepted as normal to many people – but may still be weird to others, and that’s fine.
Our hope is that, even if we can encourage just one person to consider the enormity of the gifts they have been given in this world, if we can help just one person to understand themselves more, to be open to the possibility that they and we, and all of us, have cell memory and generational memory, and that we are so much more than the 5 senses we accept at this moment in our development. If we can help people to wake up and not continue sleepwalking through life then the time and effort will be worth it.
And of course, if you are reading this via Wi-Fi, just the idea of it only 20 years ago was – weird!
Remain open to your possibilities, this exciting journey is just the beginning.


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