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Daily Inspirations Week 5

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (29 December 2019)
Perspective influences our lives. We choose what to focus on, the things which appeal or repel us. Changing perspective, even though initially unpleasant or scary, can in fact change your entire world. Choose to gain different perspectives on life to open your world to new possibilities.

Daily Inspiration (30 December 2019)
Reflecting on actions of yourself and others helps create change and growth, if the choice taken is to learn by the experience and then let go. However, if you dwell, you can become bitter, blaming and unforgiven, resulting in fractured relationships and ill health. It then becomes more difficult to create the change desired and much needed. We, as a society have the tendency to layer difficulties and associated negative emotions until they become too deep and feel impossible to move. Choosing to strip the layers away, no matter how long it takes, is always the right choice, and makes way for possibilities for the future.

Daily Inspiration (31 December 2019)
It is often difficult to comprehend the chaos and destruction around the world, and those things we imagine no good will come from it! However, there are forces much greater than ourselves that do take action when all else seems to have failed. There are important lessons within every experience. It is vital that we focus on the light, the divine pure energy which we are all connected by within the essence of our soul. Know you are the light, a co-creator of love, peace and harmony. When we all focus on this light, it burns brighter and attracts the changes we desire, and like a beacon signals the areas in our lives and the world where it is most needed to shine through the darkness. As we are all connected, we each have our part to play to heal the world.

Daily Inspiration (01 January 2020)
As the new year and decade dawns we rise with hope and expectation of new beginnings and fruition of all our hard work bringing results. We have overcome many obstacles and made some difficult life changing choices in order to be where we are now. We have determination, optimism, and strong belief. We are reaching for the light to shine through any darkness which may come our way. Rise up and feel the sun, the full wonder and glory of the elements, the healing properties of nature and our mother earth. Feel deep love in your heart for all creation, be at one and centred within your divine being. You are love, loving and loved. Blessings be.

Daily Inspiration (02 January 2020)
There is so much unseen and only imagined, yet can we fully comprehend the magnitude of various existences which differ from ourselves? Within the earth itself are so many complex and varied lifeforms, why then do many not accept the possibility of other lifeforms similar and some quite different from ourselves off world and on other habitable planets? All life forms are energetic, there is so much more than we can actually see, hear and touch! When you connect with the ground, trees, water with your bare feet or hands feel the energy of that connection, you may then feel a deeper communication from the heart, an electromagnetic pull, and a deeper understanding of other life forms.

Daily Inspiration (03 January 2020)
Life can be filled with so much beauty and yet at times seem such an insurmountable climb. When the pinnacle has been reached success can be realised in all its colours. 'The hardest lessons can bring the sweetest joys.' As you survey all that above, below and all around you, only then can you truly embrace your own magnificence as a spiritually evolving being.

Daily Inspiration (04 January 2020)
The world looks on at the horror of the fires in Australia, and many are now starting to realise there is much more going on there than we are led to believe. Around the world land, trees, habitats, homes are being destroyed because of greed. Within our own backyards, neighbourhoods, and countryside, nature is being destroyed for endless brick houses, tarmac paths and roads. Even our skies are now being taken over for new technologies which are known to cause even more harm. The land, waters and our atmosphere are being plundered, raped, and thoroughly disregarded. Natural foods, water, air and other resources are being denied to our future generations - for what reason? We are led to believe we are progressing as a civilisation - but is it all a shocking wake up call, before those with the power and control destroy us once and for all?


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