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Time to Reflect

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

As the months roll on and we start to put winter behind us, many of us start to plan ahead for holidays and other life events.  The Spring time which brings new growth, also helps us to reflect on what matters most to us, and we may feel energized to become fitter, healthier of body and mind, or more resolute in our plans and goals for the future.

It is also important when reflecting on our lives to take the focus inwards towards our own self belief, level of confidence in our skills and abilities, which are the things that hold us back in being successful in life. 

Lack of self belief and confidence creates negative energy within us, which ultimately develops into stress and anxiety, reinforcing our thoughts and feelings of being unable to make a difference in our own life plan and how we interact with others.  This can also lead to physical health problems.  The physical symptoms of stress and anxiety are numerous, but in most of the population will at some level cause some form of pain i.e. headaches,  muscle or joint pain, sleepless nights, upset stomachs, fatigue, infections and potential diseases, caused by a low immune system. 

The immune system is affected by chemicals in the brain.  If there is over-stimulation by irrational fear and stress responses, the chemicals affected will flood the body and suppress the immune system in order to protect a person from danger.  If this carries on for a long period of time, when there is no real, only perceived threats occurring, then it naturally cause potentially chronic illness and disease from developing. 

It is therefore important to build in time, as a matter of course each day, for self reflection, to practice relaxation or mindfulness techniques, or finding other ways to release negative thoughts and behaviours, and exploring creative ways to change your thinking, so that you no longer react adversely to those things which once caused excessive stress or fear in your life, which will all ultimately help you to maintain your overall health and emotional well-being. 


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