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The YOU Tree

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The YOU Tree

Trees are vital for life, they provide oxygen, cleanse the environment of toxins, offer shelter for animals and birds and humans when we need it.  They also provide a variety of resources for nourishment, warmth and comfort. They are a barometer of the changing seasons and show their beauty, strength and magnificence in all weathers.  They communicate with one another, and live happily with a variety of species and habitat. 

With our changing emotions we may find trees comfort us and make us happy; we may seek them out for refuge, stillness and quiet.  Most of all perhaps we need to appreciate them more than we do!

In this recording, Mike reflects on the qualities of a tree, comparing it to the human experience. 

If you enjoy the clip of this recording then please click on the link:

The YOU Tree (full recording)


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