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The Power of Silence

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The busyness of life is all around us; with the general hustle and bustle of everyday activity.  Accompanying this is the constant noise from conversations, traffic, doors opening and closing, footfall, objects being moved, electricity, and so much more.  We become accustomed to all this noise and distraction around us, and it is difficult to get away from it to find some silence and a sense of peace that we may be looking for.

Many people feel uncomfortable with silence and need to fill gaps within conversation, if silence goes on for too long.  If it is too quiet when they are alone at home they will put the radio or the TV on.  Many people can not bear to be alone and always seek company of others. 

Silence can be powerful and healing if a positive approach is taken to it.  Appreciating moments of silence can become an art form.  Feeling comfortable with silence in a relationship can be empowering and enables two people to relate on a deeper and more meaningful level. 

Learning to be comfortable with silence and becoming more tuned in to body language aids more effective communication.  Whilst walking in the countryside listening to natural noises or the quietness, practicing relaxation techniques such as self hypnosis, meditation, yoga or tai chi can all help to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and soul! 


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