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The Cascading Falls

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Pools of hot springs cascading over smooth rocks
Ferns grasping the warmth of the air verdantly growing in an untamed landscape;
Bubbling up from below, steaming and rippling on the surface
So inviting to the wanderer with need of rest and healing of body and mind.
A place to stay awhile to lie back on a smooth rocky seat
Whilst waters lap and sooth away aches and pains from the wind and the heat.
We have navigated mountains and valleys, the land never beating us, remaining watchful, ready for battle;
Mindful of hidden dangers and challenges;
Yet, such wonders beheld on this journey,
Courageous people we have eaten and laughed with,
Brief contacts with everlasting memories;
Now we find ourselves, three weary travellers;
Immersing ourselves in joyful contemplation
Rejuvenating, carefree, a time to simply BE!

A creative story from the 1st American Trip (see 'Our Journey')

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