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Ancient Wisdom & The Standing Stones

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

'Jerry Noddle' is a spit of land, a viewpoint overlooking hill and dale, moor and forest and far out to sea beyond the nearby North Yorkshire Coast, England.

For us, in a previous century, it had been an escape route across the moors, when we were being hounded for our spiritual beliefs and healing abilities, with a desire to help others understand more about the world and themselves.

Below a nearby hillside, was a ridge which changed shape as we looked from different perspectives, where stood some ancient standing stones.  It was just one of many locations where we had helped others and met with the Ancients. Over time these stones had been moved around; we had seen one or two placed elsewhere, and one in particular, we knew had been moved from a stream at a location several miles away to now rest in this area.

Why were stones moving, how and by whom?
All physical objects are made up of atoms, which are energy particles that can be altered and moved through space and time by those who have that ability, such as the ancients. The North American Oneida tribe were named after ‘Standing Stones’. Legend has it, that when they were chased by another tribe they changed themselves into standing stones to evade detection. These ancient ones had developed the ability to shape shift and to move objects around.

This has been just one location where we have re-visited Standing Stones and reconnected with our Ancient Ancestors


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