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Spirit of Water

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Be aware of the water within you, around you from rain, fog and snow.  Take note of the water you drink, bathe in, ingest when eating fruits and vegetables.  The water sipped may have been frozen on a mountain peak or cascaded down a mountain side, or come from deep within the earth.  Water inside you carries memories, it has an echo of being in a cloud above earth and falling as soft gentle rain on plateaus, and flowing in a current at the bottom of the sea.  The water inside you is not separate from all the water on the planet, its related to soft mists, to rain to fog, stream, river, waterfalls, lakes, oceans and seas, even the H20 in you blood, in your veins; the spirit of water is calling you to understand that you are not separate from the water on your planet.  Place a hand over a glass of water and give thanks for its existence; and as you drink, acknowledge the purity of its source, its life force actively flowing through your lips, bringing emotional balance as well as cleansing and healing energies.


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