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Spirit of the Elements

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Everything has a consciousness, including the mountains, trees, rivers and stones.

The earth is alive, she regulates her environment, much as the human body regulates to maintain consistent conditions within self – not only humans, but all sentient beings do the same.  A healthy human body temperature is 98.6 F.  In the changing seasons, despite temperature fluctuations the body adheres very close to the norm.  Shivering brings  the body temperature up, whilst perspiring brings it down.

The temperature of the earth has been 55.4 F. for 3800 million years, even though the sun has become 25 percent hotter and brighter during this time period.  As the sun became hotter, plants grew bigger, taking more Co2 from the atmosphere, reducing what is called the 'greenhouse effect'.  Therefore, the earth has developed a way to maintain a constant temperature.

The salience of the sea has also remained constant, even though rivers constantly wash salt from the earth into the sea; and oxygen levels stays at 21 degrees for life to exist.

When you know in the depth of your being that the earth is alive, and each of her elements are alive, it can transform your life in subtle and profound ways.  The self is more than body, possessions, and family members. The true self is much more majestic and far reaching.

Become aware of the elements around you, and the spirit of the elements within you:-  the sky, lake, mountain, lightning, are all a part of you.  Allow your personal identification to expand, and recognize yourself in the elements and universe around you, as your identity grows beyond its confines of your physical body and becomes part of the collective whole.  Connecting to the innate energy of the elements brings profound positive effect on every aspect of life.  Simply take time to be aware of the elements.

The Earth is the most revered, conscious being overseeing life.  A fecund provider and nurturer of all her inhabitants.  Live with earth instead of merely on it.

It is good for the skin to touch the earth, walk bare footed, feel the sensation soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing.

The earth is sentient. 

Connect with the earth – put your hands into the dirt, both hands, inhale the scent. Imagine your hands have roots that are rapidly growing and travelling beneath the surface to far mountains, valleys under the sea, and all throughout the planet.  Receive stability, grounding and healing.  Know that ancient wisdom and power are activated in your life. 


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