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Spirit of Air

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The air you breathe is physically connected to all the air on this planet.  The oxygen in the breath you just took contained argon atoms inhaled by your most distant ancestors, and will be inhaled by your descendants.  The air in that breath also contained 400,000 of the same argon atoms that were inhaled by a shaman on a high ancient Mongolian mountain, a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas, and a natural storyteller in the Amazon.  Air is the life force shared with all living creatures and plants on the planet.

Spirit of air exists in each inhalation and exhalation of your breath, just as it does in the soft breezes, constant winds, hurricanes and tornadoes.  

When you are aware of a breeze, turn to face it and be still.  Connect  to it – raise your arms high and inhale deeply, with awareness of breath.  Feel a sense of freedom, a knowing, and seeing life from a higher perspective. You may become aware of a message emerging for you when you do this.  


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