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Soul Moments 9 - Still Waters Running Deep

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Still Waters Running Deep (Audio)

As you continue to change and grow know your power is in stillness, finding time to rest and recuperate after intense times of healing and letting go of the old unwanted patterns of thought and behavior. Meditate within mother nature, absorbing her glorious colors, sounds, smells, sensations and tastes. Feel her wrap her loving arms around you in a warm embrace as you rest silently by the waters edge or within a wooded glade or on top of a snowy mountain peak. She is always with you, within you and around you physically, mentally and emotionally. Your imagination can take you to any location you choose, your connection to the earth is so strong, rooted deep like an oak tree. Still waters run deep within you as tendrils of light and power fill you with sustenance, just as pure water is drawn up into the core of the tree. Feel your very center charged with new possibilities, your inner truth magnified, your sense of purpose and clarity of your soul’s purpose in this time shining bright as if under a spotlight. Your connection with the divine never questioned now. You are at one with the Universe, plugged into the higher consciousness through your heart center.


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