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Soul Moments 8 - Stay Strong in Your Truth

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Stay Strong in Your Truth (Audio)

You have now reached the point in your journey where all that has been learnt can be consolidated. It can however, also be a challenging time. Can you maintain the state of being that you have reached, or is it unrealistic to stay in a state of total bliss and joy? Your awareness heightened, the wisdom learnt finding places to rest deep within you, the seeds growing of new knowledge and belief, continuing to grow and bloom and reaching for more growth. As often happens when change occurs, there is time of rest in order to process and assimilate new information, and enabling it to become a way of life. Many things may have been let go along the way side, but you are only human, old thought patterns and beliefs, pressures and expectations from others may start to chip away at you. Your emotions may be on a roller-coaster as they cope with new and old information colliding. It takes energy to stay strong in your new truth, as your new beliefs and actions are still forming and need positive reinforcement. However, if others oppose, disbelieve or reject you, do your old fears and insecurities return? Perhaps all you need is a gentle reminder to yourself of how far you have come on this journey. Ask the creator to take away your fears and doubts and replace them with love and compassion. Know you are always guided towards the best outcome to enable you to continue to grow in your magnificence.


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