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Soul Moments 7 - Reach the Peak

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Reach the Peak (Audio)

As you connect with the healing powers of nature and the energetic frequencies which keep the atoms of all matter vibrating at just the right level to ensure life as you know it, your awareness of the awesomeness of creation and the diversity of life assists you in reaching new peaks of existence, within your learning as you begin to absorb ancient knowledge and wisdom from the ancestors through the collective consciousness which you are now able to tap into. When you become open to learning more than you have been programmed to know and understand with only your main 5 senses, you can then start to harness your 6th sense of intuition, which helps to activate your higher chakras connecting to the divine realms of truth and a deep knowing of the world and the universe you inhabit. You are more readily connecting to the source of creation, the light which attracts you home.


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