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Soul Moments 6 - Rainbow Light

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Rainbow Light (Audio)

Now you are connecting to the gentle rhythms of natural life, in harmony with the seasons and healing elements of mother earth. Become more aware now of the energetic influences all around and within you. The electromagnetic pulses from your heart to your brain sending messages to every part of your body and connecting with other life forms via sound, light, vibration, motion, thought-forms and e-motion. Just as a rainbow consists of spectrum of light as tiny molecules of water are reflected by the sun, the energy around your body can be observed as white light on a spectrum of rainbow colors, depending on your mental and physical health conditions which are being reflected onto your spiritual outer self, including your connection to the outer world. The purer your light the brighter the sun within your very being, reflecting rainbow colors to the outside world. If the colors are dark or obscured this reflects your need for renewed healing connections with nature and for receiving loving light from the creator!


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