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Soul Moments 5 - Quietly Reflect-Listen-Absorb

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Quietly Reflect (Audio)

As you quietly reflect deep inside, listening to your inner wisdom, know what is right for you in your life right now; notice each sensation in your body and how you respond to being within nature with all your senses, and notice the changes that still need to shift within you. Absorb that knowing, and the information that flows through your being and your very essence. Feel the cells in your body responding to new information, being reminded of what is right for you. Find ways to simplify your life through the gentle rhythms as expressed by nature. The time it takes for a tree to form new life on the budding branches from winter to spring, for flowers to bloom from a bud to a full flower, from spring to summer, the time it takes for a leaf to change color from summer to autumn, and the time it takes for the leaves to fall of the tree and return to the earth from autumn to winter. Everything changes in its own time and takes a new form and a new way of life. As you absorb this knowledge within you, feel in sync with nature, and sense the gentle changes taking place deep with you, as the creator intended!


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