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Soul Moments 3 - Endless Possibilities

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Endless Possibilities (Audio)

When you embrace positive, healthy change you are then open to endless possibilities, as you are now creating the space for new beginnings, opportunities, experiences and people to come into your life. At the same time you begin also to create a new mindset knowing that you are deserving of these new possibilities in your life, and also creating the belief that you are now able to manifest what you truly desire, as long as it is for your highest good. Once you have let go of the need to control situations and people including yourself, you become open to the universal magic of karmic release and energetic attraction, bringing towards you those things which are meant to be in your life at this time, thus becoming trusting in divine will when you ask for assistance from the creator. It is time for you to recognize the potential of your own ability to create the right way forward, being open to receiving what is needed without conditions, knowing that you are cared for and provided for at just the right time! Believing and Trusting.


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