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Soul Moments 10 - Unknown Journey

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Unknown Journey (Audio)

Your journey is now well underway, and you have re-connected with yourself and all of creation through the collective consciousness. You are now completing cycle after cycle of new learning and growth. Your times of rest and recuperation are vitally important to you, as is your ability to manage unwanted influences and demands which could ultimately stop you on your journey. It takes courage and conviction in your truth to avoid the pitfalls that may try to trip you up. Many may question, undermine, or manipulate you to stop you from moving forward in your spiritual growth. This may be out of ignorance, fear or jealousy as they can see your life is moving forward but perhaps away from them and all they know and understand. Your inner strength and self belief may be tested. Your belief in a higher being, the creator and a universe which holds no bounds, may intimidate others, but even though your journey may be unknown to them, it is only because they do not recognize the significance of where you are heading, the endless possibilities that are open to you in such a diverse landscape, which is always open to interpretation and of our own making, as co-creators with the divine. Know that your journey has never been unknown, only to those who are blind to it. Your Soul has always been the pilot on your unique journey of self discovery and enlightenment.


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