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Soul Moments 1 - Diversity of Life

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Diversity of Life (Audio)

As you walk along the path of life, perhaps stop a while and see the beauty in stillness - a strong oak tree bountiful with leaves, which has stood for a hundred years, bowing to the changing seasonal winds, overseeing a diverse landscape, living in harmony with a variety of other trees and shrubs, all finding their special place on earth; nourished and cleansed by cascading waters in rushing streams and waterfalls, soaking deep down into their roots. Notice the constant changes occurring within you, as the natural rhythms of life oxygenate the air you breath, the water you drink or bathe in, cleansing deep within, releasing toxins in your body. Feel the strength of your bones and muscles holding the network of cells in your body in a workable structure, just as the creator intended, every part of you also in harmony, just as the cells of the trees, and the water molecules are functioning in the way they were created too. See and feel the magic, sense awe in the power of the creator.


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