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Soul Loss

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Soul Loss’ can be felt in so many ways, through bereavement, illness, accident or any other traumatic life event. In all these situations, losing a part of one’s soul, a splitting off, fragmentation, or loss of essence and spirit may be described.  

The emptiness felt deep inside, the deep yearning of grief, the loss of self identity, or connection with another, a fear of the unknown, losing a sense of direction, faith and belief, can all be expressed as being symptomatic of ‘soul loss’.

However, can the soul really lose itself? - Is it more about the human condition; how we function to avoid pain, by splitting the physical being off from its connection to the soul, or even denying the existence of the spiritual self?  Perhaps the soul still continues on its destined journey as best it can, carrying on regardless, learning what it needs from the human experiences it is presented with until the end of that life-time before moving on to another form of existence or human reincarnation, or waits patiently until something changes within the person recognizing the need to carry on with an intuitive purpose in mind; or on the other hand, can the soul remain cut off, and in time wilt without loving care, and eventually its flame of existence become extinguished forever?

It is a complex, subjective experience for people to even understand what the soul is, and how it functions perhaps separately and as part of the human existence.

Our understanding is that, the soul is an intelligence which evolves with each human and non human existence.  It may have multiple essences, like electrical currents, which function multi-dimensionally, transferring knowledge between essences and the physical being, ultimately amalgamating a wealth of knowledge, which may or may not be harmonious, and have great influence on the evolution of the soul. 

Would disconnecting from the soul be life limiting in such a way that we may have to keep repeating the same life lessons throughout continual incarnations until we change the way we think and react? Could the soul eventually be extinguished forever? Is the soul eternal or does the ‘Creator’ decree the fate of individual souls?  

We believe it is extremely important to strengthen the human connection with the soul and its connection to source.


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