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Shamanic Practice - The Call of the Wild

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

When you answer the call of the wild, know that you are not separate from the wild and uninhabited places on earth, then your intuition and instinctual reaction to life increases.

Imagine dissolving into the environment. It’s not enough to stroll in the woods.  Visualize energy tendrils from earth reaching up inside you to activate your inner wilderness.

Answering the call of the wild means more and more – you trust your gut.  Even if someone says the right words and everything looks good – if it doesn’t feel right – step away.  Believe what you feel.

Activate the nature spirit within you. Honour, acknowledge and realise the depth of your connection to the natural world.

Calling animals/weather/opportunities/personal qualities – connecting with unseen realms.

To call something into your life – find its sound and imagine the tone deep within you.  Every part of the universe has its own individual sound, even us.

  1. Believe it is possible.
  2. Imagine the sound of an animal, plant or quality you desire. Not a voice tone – an internal tone. Ask – “If I knew what the sound was, what might it be”.
  3. Dissolve with this sound. You become one with whatever you are calling.  Everything has its own inner frequency and vibration.  So imagine the sound and that your’e making the sound.  This is the call.  Don’t doubt yourself or your ability.  Doubt is the greatest barrier.  Also if you want – Before sleep call for a particular animal to come into your dreams just before sleep.  Then listen very carefully to the message given in each dream.
  4. Practice, be patient, practice often. Please be patient – remember learning takes practice.  Start with calling animals – that way you know you got the right sound. Always thank the animals that appear. When calling be sure to add the intentions that is in the highest good of all.  Go to the park or into the garden.  Call a squirrel or crow, see what happens.  Once you find you are gaining success with animals, you can go onto other things and qualities.



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