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Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Do you feel that you lack patience because of the direction you feel your life is heading and because of the people you have in your life?

Let us look at a few considerations. We all have people in our lives that could quite easily drive us to distraction if we let them.  These are the people who as soon as their names are mentioned we get thoughts and feelings which are less than, shall we say, charitable. The person who might bore us, or frustrate us, makes us angry, upset us or disappoint us. (However much we know these feelings come from our own internal interpretation of external events). 


One of the things we can do when meeting these people is to ask ourselves. “What can I learn from this person”. If we ask ourselves this question, we begin to look at what we can learn from the individual, taking the emphasis away from the old thoughts, feelings and beliefs and looking for something new and different. We begin to see them in a different light, initially it may not be easy, but by practicing this you may soon begin to notice that, not only do you see the person differently, but also your own feelings and thoughts become more positive towards them. You might even learn from them. In essence you modify your behaviour, which leads to a change of routine, less negative thoughts, which reduces negative feelings. 

Another thing to try is being patient. Just for five minutes. Whatever happens in that five minutes make the decision you will be patient. Whether it is your partner or child that interrupts you while you’re on the computer, or during a phone call or your favourite television programme. Be patient with them. Perhaps remind yourself why you are being interrupted, the individual might want to be with you, the child loves you, you might have knowledge they need, so many different reasons. Usually being a nuisance to you isn’t one of them.  So consider practicing being patient, and looking for what you can learn from others. Not only does this improve our lives, but I suspect it also makes us better people.


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