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Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

We have both gained extensive experience over the past 30+ years in our work within the helping professions and as self employed therapists, healers and teachers.  We have supported numerous adults, children and families with a range of problems affecting their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  As well as helping people within therapeutic and support sessions on a 1-1 or group basis, we have also assisted people worldwide via our websites and social media.  

This particular website brings together the culmination of all our work individually and jointly. We have shared 'Our Journey' on this website as a way to help you and others to follow your own path of spiritual discovery as we have done throughout our lives apart and together.  This has at times been a slow process of learning on our part, and experiencing at each stage through interactions with clients, peers, colleagues, teachers and each other.  

We have explained in a previous blog about this process being like putting pieces of the jigsaw together. Every experience in our lives has not been wasted and has been a part of one giant jigsaw.  

We are always progressing, moving forward in our knowledge and wisdom which has been gained along the way, and has added strength to our own abilities as healers and teachers.  Writing about our experiences factually and creatively also helps us to share the learning we have gained more widely across the globe.

We believe we have to share this information now with as many people as possible as it could help, perhaps in a small way, to lift the vibration of humanity, and assist more people wake up spiritually to their own potential and their soul's purpose in this time.  It is important to believe that anything is possible.

In order to help people grow through the sharing of our own experiences we have decided to provide as much information as possible free or at low cost, even though we have dedicated so much of our own time, energy and resources into creating our products, writing our stories, and completing the tasks which have been set for us by our guides.  We have done it all to help as many people as possible to awaken spiritually.

Now to our vision - We have already planted the seeds for our own spiritual healing retreat, a place surrounded by woods along by a stream, with lots of space to connect with nature, as well as indoor areas to receive learning, healing, rest and recuperation for those who need it.  

We also plan to continue travelling home or abroad, wherever we feel we could make a difference to people's lives by sharing what we know through teaching and healing, offering compassion and love wherever we go, always quietly but with purpose!



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