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Oh, to be different!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

As I quieten inside and take stock, I often reflect on my feelings of being ‘so’ different to those around me.  After many years of spiritual contemplation and realization, I now know why; but sometimes it doesn’t help, especially when joining established social groups or gatherings, with the getting to know you chit chat and personal questions, which when answered truthfully, often falls on deafened ears or blanked looks.   This however, seems to be the norm for those who consider themselves to be ‘empaths’ or  ‘sensitives’ and for all those who are seen to be/and feel different to the expected social norms of human life on planet Earth!

I count myself as being lucky as I’m married to another ‘sensitive’ who can totally relate, so in more recent years I’ve no longer felt alone.  Perhaps at times I’ve become adept at smoke-screening those around me and blending in, or more often than not now, it just doesn’t bother me anymore, and I feel sad that people don’t really want to get to know the real me! 

It also saddens me that people feel the pressure to conform or alternatively avoid people and situations, and are then perceived to be ‘strange’, ‘aloof’ or ‘loners’.  Many of those may be lonely and feel  ‘different’ in such a way that it affects their sense of self in harmful ways, but it is important for them to know they are never truly alone in how they feel, in fact they may be in the majority. 

I learnt something new recently, how much a gap there is in the attitudes and behaviours of people who live in Western countries as opposed to the East.  People in the East are encouraged to be ‘subjective’ in their outlook and focus on how they themselves influence the world, they are also more open to spiritual matters and know how to work with energy; whereas the growth within Western cultures seems slower, and the focus is to be more ‘objective’ and need scientific evidence or the opinion of others before recognizing individual abilities and uniqueness, which can help to make a better world.   

We are, all so different, that is what makes us human – our uniqueness, and yet we have so many similarities with how we feel and experience this life now as a human-being.    It is great to be different, just as the animals, birds, creatures, trees, flowers and all other parts of creation are all so different, and yet all forms of sentient and non-sentient beings have similarities in the way they have been created.

It is out-dated thoughts processes, belief systems and mythical laws of how to socialise that have created the feelings of ‘difference’ being something which is bad or to be avoided.  The same as many other characteristics which are frowned upon i.e. being ‘sensitive’ is viewed as a weakness rather than a strength. 

Embrace your uniqueness!


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