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Massacre at Battle Rock, Oregon

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The following article courtesy of: David McCormick - HistoryNet provides a historical account as written in the history books but rightly highlights the injustices, mistreatment, betrayal and pre-meditated massacre of indigenous people who had lived freely on the Oregon coast long before the arrival of Europeans.  We visited this site in June 2019.  Whilst stood on the rock we were taken back to the time of those atrocities.  We could see, hear, smell and sense the massacre and death there.  We spoke to the Ancient (Smohalla) there who described the events leading to the betrayal and resultant massacre of the Tututni tribe.  He spoke of the guidance he had given to the chief of that tribe and then later to the chief of the remainder of the tribe and their relatives who were then displaced onto the Siletz Reservation.  He then spoke about the Prophecy (akin to the Rainbow Prophecy) that all people will rise and come together as one, the dawning of a new age.


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