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Magic Moments

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Some people manage to live life by coasting along, taking each day as it comes, but for others life feels constantly difficult and full of pitfalls and unhappiness. Generally for most people, life is full of ups and downs, with variations of peaks and troughs, but there are also times when we can get stopped in our tracks, very unexpectedly, and for numerous reasons, for instance, illness, accidents, bereavements, or on a more positive note, promotion, change of job, new relationship, birth of a child. 

Changes in circumstances or of attitudes and behaviour can also be altered by what some people may term as ‘an act of god’, divine intervention’ or ‘someone looking down on me!’.  This is the ‘magic moments’ when a person cannot explain what has happened to cause a change in them or in what they are going through at the time.  An example of this may be, a feeling of intense anxiety and panic about attending a important function but suddenly a feeling of calm serenity enables their natural coping skills to emerge with a change of attitude and ability to manage the situation with ease.

However, it is important to remain open to the possibility of these things happening, some people totally close themselves off because they are so low in mood and lack self worth that they think magic moments can only happen to other people.  If they reach out to another person for help or offer an act of kindness to someone else then they may then acknowledge when a magic moment happens.  Negative thinking and worrying thoughts cloud judgement and self belief, and causes doubt about whether human kindness and positive experiences really exist. 

It is always astounding though, even for those people in the depths of despair how something unexpected happens to make positive changes.  Any form of caring interaction between two or more people can bring this about. 

Love is the answer - everything around us exists because of love, and features strongly in the lyrics of songs, as well as many of the story-lines on the soaps and films on TV. We all want someone to love us and accept us, if we feel loved then life feels better, and it is during times of celebration that love makes everything seem so much better and brighter. 

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  • Such beautiful words and so true. Without love in the world we would not see the beauty around us x

    Sue on

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