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Life's lessons

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

We are all faced with many challenges and obstacles to overcome day in and day out, which often can stop us doing the things we enjoy, that fulfill us and let us know we are on the right path!  We see those occurrences and perhaps people who cause them in a negative way, and get frustrated or angry when we are stopped in our tracks, however, what if we had a different perspective and saw these things as opportunities for learning and growing.  It may seem difficult to do, our feelings and belief systems may keep tripping us up.  However, when  things are faced head on and seen for what they are and what they might be trying to teach us (lessons from God or the Universe) then perhaps getting past them will happen so much quicker or their 'being a problem' may simply dissolve into oblivion.  If you look back at important times in your life when significant change has occurred can you recognize that once that 'change event' was frightening or made your blood boil, but once you got to the other side you had learnt so much about yourself and/or others in your life!


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