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Life of the Great Plains Wanderers

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Life is unknown, forever moving on to somewhere new and unfamiliar.

Stability stolen, we are whisked away in the dead of night.

How long for this time?  A day, a week, a month or more, when can we settle?

It’s cold and dark, but we await the call, always vigilant, when can we sleep, will peace be ours, or will our slumber be broken again.

Hearing sounds in the distance, quickening, becoming urgent now, packing our meagre belongings quickly, then off we go!

Always hoping the night stays quiet, another night of peace we deserve!

The little ones and old ones, needing rest, sleeping fitfully as so aware, listening with one ear, awaiting a rude awakening or much worse.

What would it be like to not live in fear, as we turn the next corner, or dip down into a valley, wondering if our persecutors lay in wait for us, silently watching as we are their prey, like the deer, we have to move quietly, our ears pricked up, our sense of smell acute, our eyes constantly darting about.  Each movement, each breath, could be our last, each touch of a loved one, each smile and kiss, may be forever stolen from us.

Great Spirit - please grant us another day of peace!



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