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Life as we have never known it!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

With the new U.K. government announcement, locking down all but essential services, and keeping people safe at home, there is bound to be emotional reactions such as feelings of loss, helplessness, shock, anger, sadness, resignation, relief and so much more.  These grief feelings are understandable when you are experiencing a sense of loss for the familiarity of your daily work and social life.  For some people being forced to stay at home with family members - having to find new routines together, entertaining and educating your children, and yet having no outlet with friends and work associates - this will take some adjustment for you.  Many of you will struggle with isolation with resulting boredom, feeling inert, lacking motivation and focus on how to use your time. Some of you will become more anxious and fearful of the world when venturing out for a walk or essential food, if you are able to.  In time, leaving the house at all may become frightening to you. 

Despite all the concerns, fears and changes we are all facing, it is also a great time of positive change.  It is our chance to become who we really want to be.  To use our time wisely in self study, personal development, using skills that are latent, or have been put to one side due to work commitments.  It is time to become creative, to explore new possibilities, to be more adaptable to change.

Society has gradually, over time, become more self orientated i.e. self gratification, selfish, and money and possession orientated.  This does not fit however for the majority of us, it has become increasingly unpalatable.  We are now being given the opportunity to express that, to be able to influence how we move forward as a society.

It has become vitally important that self-responsibility is not self serving but serving all of humanity, it is helping to make a difference in the world by keeping yourself safe, and ultimately keeping others safe too!

As a nation we are becoming more compassionate and caring towards each other.  Families and communities are being given the opportunity to communicate more openly and work together. 

Ultimately we are facing all facets of our humanness, and being offered the opportunity to simplify our lives and recognize what our priorities are:

Our Health and the health of others!

Protecting the planet - it is now being given time to heal, and so are we!

Our relationship with ourselves and others!

Consuming only what we need and being less wasteful!

Becoming the amazing people we are meant to be!

Knowing that you do make a difference in the world.  

Love from Cathryn & Mike xxx





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