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Legendary Stories

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

We share a wide range of true stories on this website, however, we have put them under the category of 'Legend' as they would be regarded as historical accounts which haven't been authenticated by anyone else in the public domain.

There is always controversy over how accurate our history books actually are, as regards to how well events were documented and by whom, and whether it was subjective.  

A typical example of skewed historical accounts is the colonization of America and the various wars between Europeans and the Indians.  We see evidence of records kept by white soldiers but very few accounts by those they fought against.  This was very evident when visiting Little Bighorn Battlefield and Roanoke Island on our tour of North America ( please see '1st American Trip Journal' on 'Our Journey').  On that trip we also learnt about the Legend of 'The Great Peacemaker', but as with many Native American stories, they have been translated as mythical stories, and often there are great inconsistencies.  

Throughout 'Our Journey' of discovery, we have come to realize that we have been involved in history making, however, no accurate records have been kept by anyone on earth, that isn't to say that there are no records of how we have shaped history.  If you read some of our stories you may recognize that we have been instrumental in creating change in the world. 

When we publish the books we are currently writing, which are an accurate record of a series of important events in history, then you will learn about some amazing things that have never yet been made public.

We have always done things quietly, kept things low key, and do so to this day, preferring not to have all our actions and interactions recorded (although they are on another dimension).  Ultimately all we want, is to make a difference in the world.  However, we have been encouraged to share our experiences through this website, which have occurred over many life-times on earth and off it, to help people to awaken spiritually to what is the actual truth about life on earth and within the universe and beyond.  



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