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18th Century Lastingham on the North Yorkshire Moors

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

A place of beauty and stillness upon the moor top with panoramic views as far as the eye can see on a bright and clear day.

The village below has character and history both dark and light, where hardships fade insignificantly compared to the majesty of the moor. Life can be hard and cruel; survival is for the strongest and the most resourceful, eking out an existence in barrenness and poverty, whilst the richest in society reap the benefits of those who sweat and toil at their farming and servant work.

There is a young woman of the village from hardy stock, yet with expectations and boundaries that stretch her almost to breaking point. Her resilience and love for humanity, animals and the natural world enable her to hold no bounds in what she can achieve, high above the daily toil, her caring nature and loving endeavours ensure she helps those less fortunate than herself.

Climbing the moor-top she hides within places of solace, where she can be found by those needing healing and words of wisdom. She is befriended by some in the village who help her to remain hidden from others who feel threatened by her gifts as a mystic and healer. During her spare hours she leaves the village, seemingly on errands or for her desire of solitude and quiet.

Those in need soon discover where to find her, and those who befriend her take others to meet her. Many have benefited from her compassion, solace, and healing, to help them survive the mundane and harsh working and living conditions. Life for many was to be borne with dignity, and this beautiful soul helped many people to do just that. 


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