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Posted by Michael Mahoney on

Are you ready, and prepared to learn about you?

There are several ways of answering the above. Obviously a plain yes or no would do it.   Some would ask what is there to know? Others might respond that the question was stupid and not worth a reply.

However if you said yes, you are ready to learn, and are prepared for what you might learn about yourself, then you have taken an important step in your development.

Its one thing searching for answers to questions you never knew existed, but it’s another thing to get the unspoken question answered.  How will you deal with it? What if the answers you find do not rest well with currently existing ethical, moral or religious beliefs?

What if the answers you find cause confusion internally? What if current thinking is challenged?  Are you prepared to question what you already know? Or would you ignore new knowledge and information which initially you may find contradicts existing understanding?

What if the new information was given time to ferment, what if you were to give it mental time and space for consideration, what if that leads you to questioning or even changing your beliefs, morals or ethics?  Are you prepared for that?  For many, it seems it is too big a risk to take.

Many people go through life, in their own bubble, and that’s fine if that is how they want to live their lives.  But how sad would it be, if we denied ourselves the opportunity of learning and discovering more about ourselves, at all levels of our being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, all denied because of past learning and understandings which are now obsolete.

Many people move on through the days, weeks, months and years not challenging their beliefs, which may have been carved upon them when they were weaker, younger or less experienced.   If we were to learn one thing in life, it should be to learn that we are always changing.  You, dear reader, are different now, than you were when you went to bed last night.  You have changed.

You are different if you look up from your computer or smart device and take a two second to look around you before you continue reading this article. You see, in the two seconds you took to look around you, you took in vast amounts of information, observing your environment – other people, objects, the colours, sounds, and much more.  You will have moved physically too, even if just a fraction; all those things you took in, consciously and subconsciously, will be changing your understanding of the world around you.  If that can happen in two seconds, think of the changes that can occur over days, weeks, months or years.  

It just might be, that we find upon future investigation, that many of the knots in our thinking, the conflicting understanding, feelings, believing and being, can be combed out, smoothed out and moved away, if we were to open ourselves to what the universe is perhaps asking us, are we ready, and prepared to move on!


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