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Introduction to Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Introduction to Spiritual Awakening

This short video introduces my series of 'Spiritual Awakening Videos' which can be downloaded off this website.  

You, may be like many other people, who are now curious and wanting to understand more about their own spiritual experiences.  Perhaps, you are starting to feel there is so much more to life and the world than you can physically see, hear or sense, and are looking to others to guide you through mediumship, tarot cards, etc. However, the answers lie inside your own heart, soul and mind, and through gentle exploration through meditation, mindfulness exercises, or creative practices such as art, singing or dancing, you will be able to intuitively delve deep inside, and know what you are experiencing feels right, and then become more open to learning more.  If you feel safe to explore and talk about those experiences with others, and compare notes, then you can open up even more to new occurrences.


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