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I am love

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

My light is constant and flickers brightly
Yet, you do not see me
Too quick to turn away from the glare
Do I hurt your eyes or mirror a reflection you do not wish to see?
My heart bleeds when you turn away
Or disregard my existence
My only desire is to lighten your load
And guide your way so that you do not stumble
Why then do you feel threatened?
When my love is always with you
Why do you choose the hardest path?
The darkest hour
My love does not hurt, or judge or blame
So why do you choose to turn away
To do those things which give you pain
I turn up my radiance to reveal a rainbow
You marvel at it for a moment
Yet fail to recognise the magic I create just for you
You revel in your misery, blame and shame
Please, I beseech you to hear my song
To feel me within you
Yet, you wish to remain blind
Please open your heart
To allow even just a pinprick of my light to enter
That very chamber deep within your vessel
Then perhaps, your senses will ignite the fire
To begin to know that my existence is pure divinity
And freely yours
I am love and you are love
Finally, we unite.
Hearts connecting as one!
Oonchillia White Bird©


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