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History of the Peaceful Warriors

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

In the spring of 2018 we spent 6 weeks travelling through many states of North America following the same route taken by our tribe, which took them over 200 years, from their arrival at Roanoke Island in North Carolina on 19 June 1583 until their disappearance in the mountains of Alberta, Canada in 1785. (See our ‘1st American Trip Journal’)

Whilst on our travels we discovered more about our tribe of 'Peaceful Warriors', who were attempting to bring peace between tribal nations and between tribes and European settlers. We also discovered that we had a history of assisting 'The Great Peacemaker', when we merged with Hiawatha and Jigonhsasee, who were the co-creators of the 'Great Law of Peace'.

This law eventually formed the Iroquois Confederacy of 5 nations and influenced the U.S. constitution, which is still in place today.

The Great Peacemaker spoke to the nations about the importance of Peace, Power and Unity.

However, over time people have misconstrued the meaning of ‘Power’ which has been used inappropriately within a Patriarchal society throughout the world, and has therefore overshadowed the true meaning of 'Peace' and 'Unity'.

‘Power’ in its purist sense means ‘Wisdom’. The Sophia teachings which were lost for centuries, but now rediscovered, represent ‘Wisdom’ the feminine principle, as a way of being, learning through experience and gaining of knowledge – 'true education' – by using our full senses, especially our 6th sense of intuition (of knowing), and our 7th sense of attaining a state of heightened consciousness in order to re-learn wisdom from our ancestors, the ancients, and celestial guides, and through the collective consciousness, which we all have the ability to tap into, as we are all ‘ONE’!

We decided to share the journey of our tribe of 'peaceful warriors' to highlight significant changes which occurred within many people’s lives during those times of warfare and invasion by the Europeans onto native lands. The 'Peaceful Warriors' intervened during times of battle, despite the risks to the tribe, and they continued to reinforce the message of 'peace, harmony and unity' to all people they came into contact with.

Their message, and that of The Great Peacemaker and all his followers, continues to influence many people to this day. Even more so in our modern times do we need to hear their message, and revisit the teachings of the Great Law of Peace!

Great change is afoot, a new global shift in consciousness has begun, our perspective is gradually becoming more feminine based; which will ultimately bring the unity and peace we so desire. It is time for action, for us to work together in the light of Sophia sparked by our divine creator, God; as decreed by Jesus to his followers, and The Great Peacemaker to the warring native nations.

We therefore choose to continue to share our experiences with our tribe of peaceful warriors, and offer our time and knowledge to guide and heal, for all those who choose to tread with us in the footsteps of The Great Peacemaker.

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