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Hidden Depths

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Hidden Depths (Audio) 

Majestic snow capped mountains cocooning
Stark and majestic as they reach for the light
A deep glacial pool sparkling like diamonds
Alerting to unknown secrets for us to find
Deep within those depths many treasures of past times
Perhaps ancient faces peering, watching and waiting
For what we wonder, perhaps our presence,
Our ability to know them,
The keepers of the waters, the trees, the mountains
Always present, perhaps it’s time for our meeting,
In harmony with the natural world we are joined,
As protectors, keepers and overseers,
Nature’s rhythm, climate, atmosphere,
All is energy, flowing and changing,
Secrets no more, senses acute
We have witnessed the beauty before us
In all its glory at its deepest unfolding
Memories swimming, within hearts and minds
Forever unfolding as newness of telling
Molecules, atoms, now known and fore-told,
Their story with each action, movement and sound
Enchanting, magical - to all around; Present time in memorial!


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