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Grounding & Protection

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

During the process of spiritual awakening, it is important to remain grounded and to protect yourself from negative influences and dark energies.  It is advisable that you establish a regular daily practice to ensure your spiritual growth is not thwarted. 

If you compare the grounding process to be similar to the ‘earthing’ needed on an electrical appliance, if this is not achieved the appliance will blow a fuse and ultimate loss of sources of light and heat.  If the human body is not ‘earthed’ or ‘grounded’ then you are likely to experience a similar serious overload of energy, forcing you into immediate loss of spiritual power, taking away your internal sources of light and heat. 

Spend time each day walking barefoot on the grass or sand, or visualize doing so!  Imagine roots connecting you from your feet to the core of the earth.  

Protection is also vitally important, similar to the electrical cords connected to appliances, the wires are contained within rubber sheaths, to protect from damage.  Your internal organs and internal life-force (your breath and blood) is protected by your body, and by your auric energy fields. 

It is therefore important to continually cleanse and protect your energy fields by spending time in nature or using practices such as: yoga, relaxation or mindfulness, and imagery with positive statements or mantras, to balance the chakra systems, and to draw in love and light through your heart centre. 

Work on letting go of harmful beliefs, habits and negative thought processes, and change your focus towards developing unconditional love and respectful thoughts towards yourself as well as others. 

This may seem a lot to start with, but it can quickly became a way of life if practiced mindfully daily, and ensuring when something stalls the process, you let go of self criticism, and remain loving and kind, merely picking up from where you left off.

Once this discipline of grounding and protection becomes a way of life, it will help you to avoid many of the pitfalls spiritually awakened people often experience which can result in them thinking they are going mad, stop them in their tracks, stalling their spiritual progress, or leading them towards darker practices or into ego-trip traps.


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