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Connecting with Source

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Our connection with the natural world is vital for our existence and helps us to feel close to the source of creation, the great spirit of all that is!  We may discover many ways to do this, to feel touched by its beauty and fragility, and to find harmony and peace within.  We may become connected by 'earthing'- walking barefoot on the ground, swimming in the ocean, hugging an oak tree and feeling its heartbeat, or climbing a snow capped mountain; which helps us to feel alive and to appreciate the magnificence of creation. Many people choose to take up extreme sports to feel the adrenaline of flight, speed and height such as sky diving, free falling, and gliding.  This offers them a sense of freedom and connection with the air and provides a different perspective of the earth and a healthy respect for life and survival, so much so they choose to continue experiencing it over and over again!  I for one have experienced many of these things, more so in my maturing years continue to choose new ways of experiencing a greater connection with source; just recently having taken up gliding, now I can literally reach for the sky and glide towards the clouds on the thermals, and feel for ridge and wave air currents to caress and lift me away from the ground!  In what way have you recently felt physically connected to the source of the Great Spirit?


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