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Flathead Lake, Montana

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Once again, we had arrived at a group of rocks that felt familiar to us. As we sat upon a large flat rock we felt increasingly emotional, so much so, we had no desire to leave. At that precise moment, our entire tribe plus some of their friends from allied tribes arrived, spreading around in front of us. We felt in awe of their presence yet felt our strong connection with them also. Old One stepped towards us with deep love in his eyes. He expressed how proud all present were of our achievements so far on our journey, and reminded us of previous times we had all spent together in this clearing by Flathead Lake.  As he pointed to various locations nearby, we sensed the groups of women and children around the camp fires sharing stories and laughter, the warriors fishing down by the water's edge, and the group of elders passing the pipe between them as they relaxed together. He asked us to remember a large rock near to us, and said we would see it again on our journey.

It is difficult to describe the feelings we had during this time, which like all other meetings with our tribe on our journey, seemed quite fleeting, and left us feeling bereft momentarily. Yet, we recaptured special memories and were reminded they were always with us, even if not visible at the time.  The time/space difference between us is now easy for them to navigate, but not for us in our physical state, which often leaves us feeling frustrated after their departure.

However, Old One and the Elders had arrived as eagles flying overhead and left in the same way reminding us of their physicality and ability to shape shift, which we have witnessed many times now.

More of this story can be read in my first book about our North American Travels: After 189 Miles Turn Left - Treading the Path of the Peaceful Warriors 'A Travel Journal with a Difference'.


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