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Fear of the unknown

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

As a human race we face numerous fears, many which are irrational and have been created by society and previous generations.  The worst type of fear is of the unknown, that which is outside of our understanding, and which we are unable to control and make sense of.  We generally like things to be familiar and safe even if at times we choose to take risks, and it can take time to create change, especially our belief systems. 

The unknown is only such until we discover something new about a subject, then it is known.  Often our senses, thoughts, beliefs, and habits are challenged for us to see, hear, feel or know something different, which can dispel the initial fear. 

When people begin to awaken spiritually they are developing their 6th sense of intuition, a knowing when something feels right, even though it initially challenges their beliefs and previous experiences. 

 What would it be like if you saw lights around people or you heard a voice guiding you to take some action? Would you ignore it and become fearful, or would you want to know more?



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