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Eyes in Sky

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

If you ever ask anyone if they feel they are being watched over and guided through their everyday lives, they may share their spiritual and/or religious beliefs of a Creator/Higher Being, Angels, Loved Ones and Spirit Guides who they feel connected with on another dimension.  They may talk to them when seeking guidance and receive answers either in their thoughts or within symbolic messages.   Many people receive guidance through prayer or meditation practices. 

They may sometimes see messages within nature, i.e. spirit animals showing up, or butterflies or birds landing on them; or they may see shapes or symbols in the clouds, but have they ever seen a pair of eyes in the sky, always watching over them?

We have learnt about one particular band of Blackfoot Indians who in the 18th Century were always guided to places of safety and warned about imminent danger just before it occurred.  Below, is one recollection of their experiences:

As I look up into the sky
Her eyes are watching all around
My tribe feel safe and loved from afar
She is ever present twinkling stars!
A shining protector and beacon in the sky
Pulsating lights with shattering screams,
Danger is approaching we hear her cry,
Wrapping us in heavenly arms
Feeling loved deep within our hearts.
We know her as one of our own,
White Bird, Grandmother Spirit,
Ancestor, Ancient One, as she is known,
Please help us and protect us each day, we humbly ask.
We honor her soul and pure essence
Learning when young, her history of good deeds,
A warrior, saint, peasant, and princess,
She has been known as all and so much more!





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