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Dreams & Astral Travel

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

During sleep the world may seem quiet, no sound to be heard, appearing nothing is happening; but this is the time when there is lots of activity unseen, guides and angels may be with you, perhaps as travel companions. Yet, you're prevented by the mind from knowing, but feeling tired on waking after a good night’s sleep!

Dreams, which you try to hang on to THEIR tiny fragments, wonderful nuggets of wisdom. What adventures, places, and people have you visited, what have been your main achievements, with the help of your loved ones in spirit, guides, masters, angels? What other worlds have you witnessed, whilst absent from this one? In time you may remember so much more!

Fragments, jots to the memory, start to surface, de ja vu feelings, recall increasing, as you open to the infinite possibilities. Your mind not playing tricks on you, but the opposite, stopping you from remembering the range of experiences, skills and abilities that you have within you. No longer discounting, nothing is too small or insignificant. Each feeling and memory stored within you, nothing totally lost, just your doubting mind unable to compute.

Each time you reach stillness, those memories becoming closer, in time you will truly know, there is really so much more to the life you now lead, in a world that craves more material wealth, prestige and power, your power is your wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which is expanding each night you sleep.


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